Why do I need a Dedicated Circuit in Adelaide?

While we don’t give them too much thought, appliances play an essential role in our lives. Everything from our fridge to our microwave is vital to comfortable and convenient living, allowing us to do things that would otherwise be incredibly complicated or effortful. For example, have you ever tried storing food long term without a freezer? It can be quite a challenge to do so. 

That being said, while appliances are made to make our lives more convenient, there are the unfortunate few that end up with a much more stressful experience. For example, many people constantly trip their breaker whenever they try to use their appliances, being incredibly frustrating and annoying. Fortunately, many such problems can be solved with one solution: a dedicated circuit. 

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What exactly is a Dedicated Circuit Adelaide?

As the name implies, a dedicated circuit is a circuit that’s dedicated for a specific use or object. In this case, a dedicated circuit is meant for a particular appliance, and nothing else will be able to take energy out of this circuit. For example, if you had a dedicated circuit for your washer and dryer, other things like your bedside lamp, your television, and other items will not pull power from it. Apart from being supplied its dedicated power, a dedicated circuit also has its circuit breaker. 

In other words, a dedicated circuit supplies power to specific appliances, which helps maintain safety, protection, and utility.

Why do I need a Dedicated Circuit for my appliances?

The biggest reason to have dedicated circuits in your home is simple: having too many things connected to a select circuit puts you at risk of overloading. 

Major appliances such as the fridge and a washer draw a lot of power because they use motors to run them. If these appliances were to be hooked up to a shared circuit, overloading can quickly occur and cause the breakers to trip. Unfortunately, although tripping itself is annoying because you have to always go to your breakers to reset them, it is quite possibly the least dangerous thing that can happen to you. This is because when the breaker trips, it prevents far worse consequences.

What do we mean by worse consequences? A breaker that keeps on tripping will eventually wear out, failing to trip when it has to. This can cause overloading to continue causing damage to your appliances and other things hooked up to the circuit. After a while, this can lead to sparks of fire in your electrical system, leading to what is known as an electrical fire.

So, do I need a Dedicated Circuit in Adelaide?

There is no question as to whether you need a dedicated circuit or not. If you have significant appliances like a fridge, a washer, or a dryer, you need to have dedicated circuits set up for them. Otherwise, they’re going to cause your breakers to trip, and constant tripping can be annoying and even dangerous to you, your family, and your home. If you experience constantly tripped breakers every time you try to use an appliance, call in electrical technicians to assist you. They can identify the root cause of the issue and help to set up dedicated circuits to ensure that your appliances are protected and fully functional.

EJM Electrical are a small, customer-focused electrician business in North Eastern Suburbs, Adelaide offering top-rated electrical services to meet residential and commercial needs. If you are looking for a certified electrician in Adelaide to set up your dedicated circuits, reach out to us today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does a freezer need a dedicated circuit?

Generally, a freezer will require a dedicated circuit. Appliances such as these can take up a lot of electricity. When used at the same time as other appliances, this can cause your breakers to trip.

A tripped circuit is certainly irritating; however, eventually, your breakers may wear and this can lead to dangerous consequences such as an electrical fire. A dedicated circuit supplies electricity to certain appliances to ensure that your power does not overload and cause your breaker to trip.

Does a fridge need a dedicated circuit?

When large appliances (such as a fridge) are turned on, a substantial amount of electricity is used. When used at the same time as other appliances on the same circuit, this could cause your breakers to trip. Whilst it is generally ok to run other small appliances on the same circuit, peak usage of the refrigerator may cause the circuit to trip.

It’s undoubtedly annoying when you have to reset your circuit; however, the trip is keeping you safe from dangerous consequences such as an electrical fire. When you install a dedicated circuit for your fridge, electricity is transferred directly to your appliance, separate from other appliances. This ensures that you receive fewer trips due to overloaded electricity and protects your breakers.

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