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There are many reasons why a switchboard upgrade in Adelaide may be required for your home or business. Adding new appliances? Expanding your home? Even if these are not on your agenda, electrical switchboards can become unreliable after a long period of time. Faults can often occur with older switchboards and replacements may be necessary. Luckily, we can provide higher-quality, newer switchboards with tougher and longer-lasting materials.

If you are adding new appliances or devices to your home, you may need a switchboard upgrade. If the power that is taken from your switchboard is more than the supply, your circuit can trip to prevent an overload. If your circuit were to overload, this can cause a fire or deadly electrical shock. When you upgrade your switchboard, this can allow you to run more devices in your home or business.

Additionally, you may be looking to expand your home. Adding another switchboard gives you the chance to control the circuit in your newly built area. This can reduce the chance of overloads and constant trips throughout your home or business.

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What is an electrical switchboard?

Electric switchboards direct electricity from certain sources of supply to circuits used in homes, businesses or any other facility that requires electricity. They are made up of one or more panels that contain different switches. These allow for electricity to be redirected to other areas around the building.

A large amount of power can come from one or more sources, get directed through an electrical switchboard and be distributed to different circuits. This means that electric switchboards have control to monitor power distribution around the home or business. This can limit the power so that it is not oversupplied to one particular circuit.

Switchboards also contain RCDs (Residual Current Devices). For each circuit, there should be a safety switch connected to your switchboard. Switchboards also contain circuit breakers to prevent overloads that can lead to electric shocks and electrical fires.

What to do about constant tripping of your Electric Switchboard?

If you are experiencing constant tripping of your circuit, everything that is connected to that circuit will lose power. In order to check for whether it is just an overload, you can unplug the last appliance that was used before the trip. Once unplugged, reset the safety switch and repower your circuit. If the power comes back on without a problem, your issue is resolved.

However, sometimes, the circuit may continue to trip. If this occurs, you may have a faulty appliance that is connected to your circuit. Ensure that you disconnect all the appliances that are connected to that circuit and test them one at a time. If you discover that one appliance is causing a trip, then it could be faulty and you may have found the issue. Make sure you avoid touching the faulty device as it could need to be replaced for safety reasons. Ensure that you call an electrician to check your devices if this occurs.

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At EJM Electrical we always deliver the highest quality solutions using industry best practices and friendly service. We try to go beyond the regular service to help build strong, long-term relationships with our customers.

We never use a one-size-fits-all approach but rather tailor make a solution that best fits your needs. To develop our strong reputation and build long-term relationships we have and will continue to provide incredible customer service providing an explanation of the project and any necessary advice whilst delivering the best workmanship.

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