Why do I need Solar Panels Cleaning in Adelaide?

Boost performance and get your panels sparkling with our professional solar panels cleaning in Adelaide. It is always risky to have someone do an average job of solar panel cleaning. With EJM Electrical, you can trust that our passionate team are fully licenced, insured and experienced in cleaning solar panels comprehensively.

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Why is Solar Panel Cleaning in Adelaide so important?

The way that solar panels work, is to let light into the solar cells. The more light that penetrates a panel, the more power it may generate. As solar panels are placed in an upwards angle to attract the sun, they are prone to dust, dirt and bird droppings that don’t just clear off with rain. The trouble with this is more than just aesthetic as the light cannot get through to as many solar cells if it is blocked by dirt.

Energy figures are projected by solar panel manufacturers and installers and their projections are based on optimum performance. This means that if you solar panels are covered in dirt and dust, your panels may not be able to reach the targets of energy generation that were projected. Additionally, cleaning is vital to ensure that your investment is protected. Regular cleaning keeps your solar panels in good condition.

Doesn’t rain water clean my solar panels?

Many people would understandably assume that rainwater would clean their solar panels. Whilst some dirt may be removed with rain, most dirt would remain. Think of it like your car windscreen. If you left it without any cleaning for 6 months, would it be completely clean just because of rainwater? Eventually, both a car windscreen and solar panels start to “green over”. Rain contains dust particles that settle on a surface one the water is evaporated.

Fortunately, for your car windscreen, even if you did leave it for 6 months, your wipers may help to clean off some of the dirt. Solar panels do not have the same privilege. The dirt will build up more and more and eventually block out a lot of the sunlight that tries to get through. Consequently, your electricity generation will not yield as much power as you may normally receive. This can affect your back-pocket.


Certain solar panel companies have cleaning a condition of their warranty. This means that you may not be covered if you do not have proof that you have regularly cleaned your solar panels.

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