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Protect what’s important to you and trust EJM Electrical to provide experienced security and CCTV camera systems installation in Adelaide. EJM Electrical provides high-quality CCTV Security System Installations to ensure your home or business  is taken care of. Get an extraordinary job done that exceeds your expectations. With several security solutions available and the latest technology available each year, why not get an expert to install the right solution for you.

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We work with you to meet your CCTV and Security Camera needs!

From start to finish we work with you transparently to ensure you know how we operate and how your system will work for you. Every home and business is unique and requires close attention to map out not only where cameras need to placed and facing but where potential blind spots may arise and where high traffic areas may be.

Working closely with our customers is what we do best! EJM Electrical has a large diverse team of highly experienced electricians with impeccable customer service. We know that in order for our business to prosper, we need to do what works for you. That’s why we always first ask what your needs are, look at where the potential areas of interest may be, explain our mapping plans and always respect your budget.

How a CCTV Security System Installation can benefit your home or business

A CCTV Security System Installation can have several benefits for your home or business. Some of these include:

  • Protecting your family, home, business and employees. A CCTV Security System is designed to deter threats. Without a security system, your home or business may become a target to criminals. In fact, most burglars look for the easiest target when deciding which property to break into.
  • Preventing Property damage and theft. Being under a watchful eye means that people are less likely to cause damage to your property.
  • Collecting evidence and protecting your neighbours. CCTV Cameras are becoming more and more common in homes and businesses. They deter threats and help to stop criminals from repeat offences. Your CCTV evidence can help bring justice to crimes committed against your property and the properties of your neighbours.
  • Peace of mind. Going on holiday? Away from your business? CCTV Security Systems now have remote access capabilities so no matter where you are in the world, as long as there is an internet connection, you can keep and eye on your property to alert neighbours and police of any suspicious behaviour.
  • Monitor activities at your home or business. Not sure if theft is occurring in your business? Monitor staff and customers. Not sure if took the bins out? Monitor what happens at your home with a CCTV system.
  • Help lone shopkeepers monitor a shop. If there are any blind spots in your store, CCTV can help lone shopkeepers keep an eye on things in-store and outdoors (such as car parks and rear entrances).
  • Monitoring your car parked out the front of your property. Keep evidence of any damage done to your vehicle when it is parked out the front of your property.
  • Check on deliveries. See if a delivery was made and deter package theft.
  • Remotely check on family members. Need to make sure your kids are behaving or worried about elderly relatives? CCTV can help keep them safe.
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Exceptional quality, without breaking the bank

Value and quality have been our main focus since day one. It is our careful planning, strict safety policies and industry experience that enable us to execute all projects efficiently and within budget, ultimately passing down any savings to our valued customers.

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At EJM Electrical, we believe our main strength is our people. That is why we carefully select only the best industry recognised and qualified professionals to join our specialised team.

As part of our selection process we ensure all our team members share the same genuine passion for our customers projects and achieving outstanding results for them.