What are the characteristics of solar panel technology?

By converting light photons into electricity, solar panels can harness the sun to create energy for you to harness. Direct sunlight can be converted into electricity and used to power all types of appliances and full electrical circuits for businesses and homes alike. Some key characteristics of solar panels are: 

  • Solar panels can work in sunny, cloudy and cold areas. Contrary to popular belief, solar panels may actually work better in cooler regions. Additionally, cloudy weather may not affect a solar panels performance
  • As time goes on, solar panels are becoming more and more affordable. Coal based energy is around 30% more expensive that solar panels at this moment in time. Solar panels may also be a great investment as not only are they a modern addition to your home, you can give electricity back to the grid and earn with the feed-in tariff scheme.
  • Water can clean solar panels. This can help to remove debris and dust that has accumulated. They are also designed to withstand harsh weather conditions such as hail.
  • The specific needs of homeowners may suit solar panels. They have been designed with the orientation of domestic roofs in mind. The position of the panels on residential roofs are considered with designing solar panels to produce the most energy. 

Solar panels can help to lower your carbon footprint

Many people today are concerned about their carbon footprint. As environmental conservation has moved to the forefront of many global discussions, many individuals are taking it into their own hands to be part of the green energy movement. Organisations throughout Australia and the worlds are working to reduce their carbon emissions. This is why we are passionate about offering solar panels to help everyone become more green.

As solar panels convert sunlight or heat into electricity, it can be used to power homes, commercial buildings and can be pumped back into the grid. Small solar cells are spread over a large area to provide enough power. Often, solar panels are placed on roofs to gain the most amount of energy production as possible. 

How can solar panels benefit me and my home?

1. Immediate savings

One of the biggest benefits of installing solar panels is the financial saving over time. With the solar purchase power agreement (PPA), you may purchase solar panels with little to no money. As-you-go financing options are available and many homeowners have used them to finance their solar panels. This options allows the provider to own the solar panels and look after the installation, maintenance, repairs and monitoring whilst you pay for the provision of electricity. This is usually a much lower payment than a traditional utility company bill.

2. Up your home value

It may be possible to up your home value by adding solar panels. A study by the Nation Renewable Energy Laboratory stated that solar panels may sell 20% faster than those without the new green energy source. Attractiveness may increase due to the low energy costs that solar panels may help with.

3. Low maintenance

A great benefits for solar panels ownership is the low maintenance that comes with it. With regular check-ups and some cleaning on occasion, your panels can last up to 25 years or more! You may need to replace the inverter at least once.

4. Secure investment

Solar panels may offer you an easier way to organise your energy bills. Often utility companies can fluctuate their prices. With solar, you may see a fixed, long-term energy budget.

5. Renewable energy

Coal and oil are not just bad for the environment but they are eventually going to run out. Wind and solar are renewable energy production sources and can never run out. This means that the type of energy may be reliable and more desirable than other sources of energy.  

6. Guarantees

Almost all solar panel manufacturers allow for a performance guarantee of between 20-25 years. The guarantee is usually 80% after 25 years. Solar panels may be able to generate electricity for up to 30-40 years.

7. Helps the environment

As well as the fantastic financial benefits that come with purchasing solar panels, your carbon footprint also lowers. This way you know that you are doing your bit to help the planet.

8. It is nice and easy to go solar

Choosing solar has never been a better and easier choice. The complicated processes of purchasing and installing solar panels are in the past now. Hundreds of solar panel companies in Australia are happy to help you make the best choice for you.

Our Conclusion

There are so many wonderful benefits to going solar today! Solar panels can help you to reduce your carbon footprint and rely on clean sources of green energy. Solar is also a cheap energy source that may help to save you money, especially in the long-term. Whether you purchase outright or use a solar panel setup for home. Solar panels are a fantastic option for today and the future. For any further questions or to enquire about solar installation, please contact our friendly team!

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