Why do I need Solar Inspections in Adelaide?

No matter that your solar power system doesn’t produce as much electricity as the grid, it can still be hazardous. Our solar inspections in Adelaide are just as vital as being connected into the grid. Unfortunately, purely pressing your test button on the switchboard isn’t enough. Test buttons do determine if you are protected from potential electrocutions; however, they don’t test whether your home or business is fully safe from dangerous electrical fires.

You should never take a chance with electricity. Always ensure that you get a certified electrician to perform your solar safety inspections. You will certainly be happy that you did as electrical fires typically start from wires within walls, ceilings or floors. Often, this mean that they can go undetected by smoke alarms until it is too late to fix!

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Certified electricians can quickly and easily check to ensure that your home or business is safe from any threats that may affect you. With your family, friends, customers and colleagues at risk, it is always a great time to seek help from a professional. The chances are that you will only require an inspection once every 4-5 years, so it is vital that you get yours done now.

Typically, commercial properties should have inspections every 12 months. This also includes properties with swimming pools. Family homes usually only need checks over 5 years or when the tenancy changes.

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Before vacating a residential or commercial property, a solar inspection should be performed if you have solar power. Additionally, if you move to a place with solar power, an inspection should also be conducted as you move in or before. Remember, don’t take a chance! If you do not know the previous tenant, there is a chance they altered the property in a dangerous way e.g. unprofessional DIY jobs or installations.

Solar systems are a fantastic choice of power generation; however, inspections are vital to keep you and your family safe. Ensure that you get your inspection booked today!

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At EJM Electrical, we are proud to have provided Adelaide families and businesses with affordable and high-quality Solar Inspection services for years. Additionally, our professional team provide Solar Maintenance and Repair, Commercial Solar, Solar Inverter Repair and Replacement and Solar Panels Cleaning. to ensure that you always have a reliable option to assist with all your solar needs.

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Value and outstanding workmanship have been our main focus since day one. It is our careful planning, strict safety policies and industry-first experience that enable our teams to execute all your projects in the most efficient manner and within budget.

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