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Over time, all electrical systems deteriorate. This is normal and it comes with simple age and use. Your wiring and switchboard are protected by covers inside; however, there are many reasons why these electrical systems can still degarde. Weather, corrosion and pests are just some of the common factors that lead to electrical systems failing over the years.

It is recommended that you check your electrical systems every 3 months, around the time when your get your quarterly bill. It is simple enough to check; however, if you are ensure, please contact an electrician. If your test is unsuccessful, contact an electrician immediately.

The safety mechanism of electrical systems are integral to reducing the risk of electric shock. It does this by “tripping” within a millisecond of a current change. Your electric current may change when someone or something is exposed to it. If your system does not trip at this time, a faulty appliance could significantly increase your risk of a having a deadly electric shock. This is why it is vital to keep your family, friends, customers or employees safe with a full electrical inspection.

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What do I need an Electrical Inspection Adelaide for?

Our electrical inspections in Adelaide go further that simply providing basic safety switch tests. Any faults that we find can be resolved to make sure that your home or business is safe from electrical problems. Electric shocks are not the only hazards to worry about. Electrical fires can occur when circuit breakers are not working correctly. Additionally, our qualified electricians can test wiring of fixed electrical equipment in your home or place of work.

It is important to remember that safety is the most important thing. The experts at EMJ Electrical are always happy to perform quick and thorough electrical inspections in Adelaide to keep the people around you safe.

Furthermore, home systems are recommended to be tested every 5 years. Yet businesses should be tested yearly. These buildings can have more complex electrical systems and thus provide more of a risk to life. Alos, electrical inspections should be carried out before any sale or lease of a property.

How often should I have an Electrical Inspection Adelaide?

It is important to remember that all electrical equipment and systems deteriorate over time. When this occurs, dangers can become more prevalent. From electrical shocks to hazardous fires, it is vital to prevent the risk becoming higher of these types of accidents. This is why it is vital to understand how old your electrical systems are and when you last had an electrical inspection.

Please ensure that when you are having an electrical inspection in Adelaide, you make a employ a qualified and experienced electrician. Once you have determined who is to do your inspection, you should have an inspection every:

  • 10 years if you live in and own your home and there has been no other occupant since you moved in
  • 5 years if you live in a rented home or if there have been multiple occupants
  • 3 years for caravans
  • 12 months if you have a swimming pool

It is also important to remember that an electrical inspection is also necessary when:

  • The property is listed for sale or lease
  • You’ve just bought a property
  • You’ve just moved into a property

Why choose EJM Electrical for your next Electrical Inspection Adelaide?

At EJM Electrical we always deliver the highest quality solutions using industry-best practices and friendly service. We try to go beyond the regular service to help build strong, long-term relationships with our customers.

We never use a one-size fits all approach but rather tailor make a solution that best fits your needs. To develop our strong reputation and build long-term relationships we have and will continue to provide incredible customer service providing an explanation of the project and any necessary advice whilst delivering the best workmanship.

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Value and quality have been our main focus since day one. It is our careful planning, strict safety policies and industry experience that enable us to execute all projects efficiently and within budget, ultimately passing down any savings to our valued customers.

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