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Why It’s Crucial to Replace Old Wiring ASAP


Eliminating fire hazards in your home is a crucial step to ensuring your household’s safety. Unfortunately, even when you’re meticulous about keeping the stove off or putting flammable items far away from heat sources, your entire home can be a fire hazard if it is still outfitted with old wiring. In fact, according to the […]

Are Smoke Alarms Required in South Australia? What to Know

smoke alarm

In South Australia, the law mandates smoke alarm compliance—it is not an option. Peace of mind about their house’s security is one of the most important things a homeowner could have, and smoke alarm compliance provides that. Here are things you should know about smoke alarm laws in the state. What Are Homeowners’ Responsibilities? Each […]

Questions You Need to Ask Before Buying a Solar Power System

solar power system

The use of solar energy in residential buildings is fast becoming a popular way to lower power consumption bills and reduce the carbon footprint produced. However, the sad truth is that many dishonest contractors go around trying to peddle sub-par and potentially dangerous solar power systems and sell them to unwary buyers. If you are […]