3 Telltale Signs of An Electrical Emergency


The world is chock-full of house horror stories that it seems we’ll never run out of. Every neighbourhood has its own variation of haunted houses. In fact, you may even be familiar with one that’s close to your home!

There’s nothing scarier than knowing that you live near an abandoned property where only supernatural beings reside—or so they say. An electrical emergency may not give you goosebumps or sound even a bit frightening, but when overlooked, they can start a blazing fire that could burn your house down.

Doesn’t the possibility of your home disintegrate into ashes because of an electric fire sound more like a horror story for the ages than any other haunted house tale?

Avoiding the Horrors of an Electrical Fire

Electrical emergencies aren’t just minor inconveniences that prevent you from using your device at home. Rather than a simple power outage, an electrical emergency can be something much more severe, such as an outlet that emits a burning odour or faulty wiring that starts a fire. 

When you underestimate the urgency of an electrical problem, you’ll set yourself up for a scary situation that could cost you your home. An electrical emergency puts everything at risk, from your livelihood to your and your family’s safety. To put it frankly, electrical emergencies are a big deal—failing to understand the urgency of electrical mishaps certainly won’t lead to good things.

To prevent an electrical emergency from worsening into a dangerous house fire, take a look at the most common signs of electrical trouble below so that you know when to call for a certified electrician.

Burning Odours

An overheating electrical outlet will emit a burning smell. Once your nose notices something odd, don’t ignore it, as it’s a sign of a potentially dangerous electrical problem. Don’t forget to unplug every device connected to an outlet and inform everyone in the house of the situation.

We don’t recommend fiddling with the electrical system yourself; it’s better to call for professional electrical services instead.

Flickering and Dimming Lights

A sudden power outage that only affects your home is a clear indication of an electrical problem, but flickering and dimming light bulbs are also a cause for concern. 

Over time, the wiring in your home will deteriorate, and it may even suffer damage from pests chewing through it. Whatever the cause of your flickering lights, make sure to have a certified electrician check on your wiring to prevent any problems.

Buzzing and Humming Sounds

One thing to keep in mind is that your breaker box must remain odourless and quiet. So, if you hear any humming or buzzing sounds from that place, there is a very serious issue with your wiring. It’s crucial to have your breaker box looked at, as you will be left vulnerable to electrical surges once it fails to protect your property.


No one would want to be exposed to electrical fires or carbon monoxide poisoning, but unfortunately, it happens more often than you think. If you don’t want to experience the horrors that an electrical emergency can bring, always stay vigilant and call for a certified electrician when needed.

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